Man on Purpose



I look around me and all I see are people failing without even trying and trying and still failing, some try hard enough and just give up at the last hurdle while many give up prematurely. They try to get me to feel the same way; telling me their pitiful stories as if my life like history was going to repeat itself and follow their appalling examples. Round the globe I get discouragement when I need encouragement desperately and this has led me to search deeper and harvest my own source of inspiration from ABOVE.
I’m high up already so forget whatever images your physical eyes see of me because it only sees the present and maybe the past and can’t look into the future. Look at me well because it might just be the last time you would see me in this fledging phase.

Now hurry and borrow visionary eyes and stare at me well before I head to the top where I belong. I only started from the ground to enable me stay at the top forever because many get to the top without passing through due process and come crashing down to levels previously unimaginable; I started and grew from the ground to develop thick unrootable roots.



I set the word on FIRE.

At my season I boom in the midst of DROUGHT.

I rise where many FALL.

I wall on impossibilities and make it POSSIBLE.

I’m not a noise-maker, NO








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