Emmenike/Enyeama retirement: In the interest of Nigerian football?

Emmanuel Emmenike recently announced his retirement from international football, becoming the second player after Vincent Enyeama in the team to officially announce his retirement. Enyeama retired due to a clash between himself and the head coach of the Super Eagles while for Emmenike the reason is not easy to point out.
Analysts believe he retired due to his lack of form and the growing reality he won’t get a lot of chances to play in the Eagles anymore. They see a connection with the Enyeama travail as a possible indicator in his decision to retire.
Already Emmenike has come under heavy criticism for his lack of form and goals for the Super Eagles with many calling for a fresher striker.
He took to Instagram on Monday night to announce his retirement “No more Eagles career!” After 5 great years, I am happy to announce that I have put full-stop to my National team career for the sake of national peace. It’s a pleasure for me to have played for this great country. I never regretted it and I think its the best time to end it. Millions thanks to all the fans who have been very supportive during the good and bad times. I am very proud of my performance, I am proud of my team mates and I am very proud of the nation called ‘Nigeria’. My AFCON gold medal is a sign of great achievement, My AFCON topscorer award speaks a lot about my commitment and dedication to the team. Super Eagles is a camp not a family house, and it shouldn’t be a threat zone for any individual. I have done according to our national anthem. “All my dreams came true in the national team, I dreamt to win Nations Cup for Nigeria after 20-years, I dreamt to played at the World Cup as well as to make a name for myself… In the space of five years, I got them. I’m a winner! “For every dissapointing fans, maybe due to my inability to re-establish my goal scoring instinct for Super Eagles, I will like to say I’m sorry but the ones I had scored counted well for the team. As long as Nigeria remains, you and I will always remember the name ‘Emenike’. “Finally, I am happy to make a bow and continue supporting the team everytime. Up Eagles, God Bless Nigeria!
With the retirement of Emmenike and Enyeama, they have opened doors for younger and fresher players to play a role in the national team. Now let us all hope the team will now recover for the better and rise to our deserved place in world football.




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