Nigeria! Awake


Nigeria when will you wake up from this your deep slumber?

Can’t you see that just your yawning alone makes giants quake in fear

can’t you feel the fear that grips the whole world when they hear the potentials you have that are just lying idle

aren’t you aware that your ‘chosen’ leaders are only impoverishing the people and enriching their pockets

aren’t you aware you are one of the most corrupt nations in the world where lawyers beat the judiciary with crispy notes handed over to judges to win cases

aren’t you aware of the massive breach between the poor and the rich

or aren’t you aware indigenes of oil producing communities don’t get their due entitlement due to the messy battle of blood just to get the entitlement

Nigeria I pity  you

Watching from afar how your nation has turned your worst nightmare

and your most trusted reformers turned your most hated destroyed

So Nigeria, on behalf of our 7 billion people in the world watching you

and waiting for you to boom

what is your new game plan?

what is your strategy?

is this generation going to move this nation into the promised land or are we going to wait for another generation?

but even at that, the present generation has to mold the new generation but clearly they are only infesting it?

Nigeria where is the change?

when is the change?


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