No more limits

no limits 2

No more limits……………………..

but life is full of limits.

limits you succumb each time and find only newer and more difficult ones to succumb each time


have you ever had a look in the mirror of life only to find out it is actually broken into tiny fragments?

have you ever tried to look at a fragment and see yourself looking so distorted and in need of retrieval?

you look into a big crystal ball, hoping to see the future and the past but all you see is the present because you are just looking at yourself

and what do you see about yourself?

Just another human with a lot of flaws, a big mistake of creation.

your eyes are too big, hips too small, mouth too big, ears too wide, nose too stretched, body too short or lanky, you are too dull to live on this planet, you can’t be who you want to be or where you want to be.

life is just so unfair it throws anything it deems fit at you

and what are you going to do?

you are going to fight like never before

but each time you feel defeated already without even attempting

life is a big irony

you have to make it yours

you have to learn its processes carefully through experiences and better cumulative experiences of others

because life is just another obstacle

and when you sort your confidence first,

there are no more limits

only hills, mountains and plateaus…………….

no limits 2



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