The internet the “genuine” evil of our time


The evolution of communication to the now acclaimed global standards of being a global village where billions of people communicate ideas and assess information easier, faster and more cost effective is all due to the internet.

Started for military intelligence purpose, the internet is the whole leading storehouse for information true and false. The internet has become a global accepted medium for information passage and storage, even companies no longer employ computer illiterates as much as they used to.

Clearly, there is no organization with serious minded purposes and an aim to make a profit that doesn’t employ the use of computers for administrative and all its processes.

The internet is a platform for good and evil. Good in the context that you can use it to access friends, keep close contact with your customers, make an income from it and solve many of your problems cost effectively.

Is it true all information on the internet are true? No, information on the net do not come from heaven, they come from humans and it is a fact that eight out of ten articles you come about in the internet has some deep contents of lie inside it.

You open a website about how to write a good essay and follow the steps yet fail woefully in your exams, you collect information on law for your next case and discover the information are not really accurate. I’m not saying everything about the net is false, all I am saying is the internet is not a world of right.

Researches put some group of people in a room and asked them to use the internet for a minimum of twelve hours a day and another with no internet but books to read for four hours a day. They gave them a test on the topic they were asked to read and the ones with book with little time triumphed.

God bless the internet but the internet is not the solution to all our problems. Teenagers get duller the more time they spend on the internet as the cut and paste syndrome is what they learn to do. Kids who use the internets tend to allow the internet to reason for them and keep their brains dormant always hampering their ability to reason.


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