Everything goes for nothing

This is Africa the blessed continent, blessed with numerous mineral resources, good climate conditions and even natural disaster free landscape. It is Africa where there are no obstacles only roadblocks in the mind of its citizen. This is Africa and I ask myself why we have gold and diamond and you have paper yet one unit of your currency is equal to 228 of mine and it might get worse in the future.

We have gold our here, we have resources over here yet you prosper more than us as a nation. Don’t you forget we contributed to your development now, while slave trade developed Europe and America, my continent suffered several miseries if we ever get a fair hearing and Europe and America were made to pay damages they will be bankrupt.

There is hope for Africa and I believe Africa is on purpose and I believe it become there is a new generation that is going to rise up and say no to underdevelopment in our continent, say no to poverty, say no to neo-colonialism, say no to bad governance, say no to stupid valuation of our currency.

I see a New Africa which will be the next hub of modern advancement  like Egypt lead the way back then. I don’t think or know of any continent then that will be better than this one see, where gold will be the material for making roads and gold dust be as cheap as sand, it is now a tall dream it is possible because I dreamed it.

I am the man on purpose and I dream big and I actualize even bigger.


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