Terror or Horror


Imagine how terrorism would evolve in the next ten years from now, the Islamic State or Syria and Iraq might have succeeded in taking more territory, Boko Haram and Al-Shebab would have aligned and terrorized the whole Africa.

Sad, depressing, fun, tricky. Name it all. I decided to write my next manuscript for my novel on this ideas, enjoy an extract………………



On the first day of 2039, all newborns numbering three million are born ugly. The world bemoans

this unpleasant and strange occurrence, one man decides to take drastic action. The man, the first ever UN President Alex Wonjich orders the burning of all the ugly newborns.

The order is carried out successfully but the world is in for a pleasant surprise, the newborns refuse to die. President Wonjich orders their imprisonment which is proclaimed cruel by human right society but none willing to take on the President in a legal battle. Three days after the mass imprisonment, President Wonjich is dead and the newborns mysteriously disappear never to be seen again.

From J.S

Secretary, U.N


Barely a week to 2039 all kinds of religious prophets prophesy that on the 1st of January 2039, the world will witness strange and evil occurrences, all babies born that day will be ugly as never seen before in the history of the world. The ugly newborns are signs of rapture and a bad year to be marred by assassinations, religious violence, nations will raise against nations, tribalism will prevail, terrorism will be the norms of the day, sexual impurities will become legal all over the globe, evil acts will be embraced by all, bad governance will rise to its peak, and unrighteous laws will be passed, natural disasters and plagues from heaven will strike the earth, the ones never seen since the time of Noah, the biblical ark builder.


Miraculously a part of it came to pass as on the 1st of January 2039 all newborns numbering three million are born ugly and evils of all sorts are already occurring.

The UN headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland is bombed by a forgotten terror group called WAP. This will be there first attack in nearly two decades since the Damascus blast. All round the world everybody is panicking as they don’t know when next the forgotten group will strike. Their leader Mohammed Al-Assad presumed dead many years ago released a video claiming the Zurich bomb blast as a masterpiece of his and threatening to bomb the New York International Airport next. This is coming at the same time with the terror free anniversary week planned last year to mark twenty years without any trouble from terrorists.

Remarkably nations have risen against nations in the midst of all this confusions in the battle for supremacy. The UN has managed so far to gain control of the situation much to its credit and have prevented a third world war already this week but how long can they hold on with their headquarters being blown to ruins. The new UN headquarters remains a secret but many speculate it to be in a peaceful country in Africa.

From Jack Powell,

World Analyst



Micheal the WAP intelligence leader reads these letters from his secret mail-box. This are good news for his team, he is sure without doubt that Al-Assad will be happy with the news coming out from the UN.


Michael, a 40-year old former war veteran in the Middle East has worked with the UN special terrorism force as a field agent for a patriotic 10-years before retirement and then proceeding to join the Military and Intelligence Unit of the UN quickly rising to head the intelligence unit in the space of five years, killing a score of seniors officials in the process.

He knows what to do with this kind of letters, feed on it, digest the facts and look for the next place of attack. This year alone, he has successfully carried out two operations, one in the Middle East and the other the 7-star rated bombing of the UN headquarters in Zurich. Just when the world where about to celebrate two decades free from terror attack he stunned it with two brilliant terror attacks.



Neither too tall nor too short, but quite taller than the average height mark, Micheal possesses the body of an athlete and can run sub 10 seconds in a 100 meter race.

His skin is the color of an over-ripe mango, close to that of an albino, his eyes shining blue and his teeth perfect white. His face smooth and spotless you will think he has never experienced a pimple before. His hair is dark, wavy and short and his nose small and pointed. Not the really an epitome of handsomeness but he still steals stares from females everywhere he goes. He looks to be in his late 20’s.

Telephone rings.

Automatic receiver

“Hello, who am I speaking to?”


“Mr. Chopper I’m sorry if I’m in anyway disturbing you but I have a serious problem which might very well concern you, only you can help me solve it.” The speaker said with a shaky feminine voice.

“I’m so sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know how you got my number and I won’t be able to……………….” He is interrupted by the feminine speaker. How he hates being interrupted when speaking and threatened under his breath to hang up.

“I came about it in my husband’s contact.”

“Who is your husband?”

“Richard Lana.”


Silent for a moment. What’s going on? I just paid that guy for the last job he did, this guy needs to be satisfied with the original agreement and stick to it or else I will do him a favor and send him to hell where he will learn the hard way.

“What? Is anything the matter? Richie can’t certainly give you my number except” He pauses, she is sobbing. Weakness. He dreads any sign of weakness and kills anyone who worked with him showing signs of weakness. Weakness was what his parents where, they were just the definition of weakness and he killed them to relieve them of their weakness. The ultimate gift he can ever give anyone is to cure that soul of his weakness.


“What’s the matter woman? Speak up or I will hang up, I don’t have time for your crying games.”

“Richard been ares………ted.”

Micheal walks round the room in deep thought. For about five minutes he tries to imagine the implication of this complication. This is bad, really bad news for him and his team. Does this mean the UN is closing up on him, no he can’t allow this to happen, he has to act quickly.

“Arrested for what?” His voice sounding like a gentle whisper.

“They accused him of being involved in the bombing of the UN headquarters. I don’t know what to do Mr. Chopper; my husband is innocent and won’t even hurt a fly. Help me get him out of this mess; you are the only one on his contacts that isn’t family. Please come to his aid.” She sounded desperate for help.


“Ok. I will do the best I can but don’t you worry yourself too much, take care of the home especially yourself, I promise to get Richard out soon.”

She wipes her tears. “Are you sure?”

“I’m 110% sure.” I will get him out alright died or alive depending on how willing he is to co-operate with my goals and aims.

“I’m very grateful and pleased to know that.” She said trying to gain her confidence back.

“Just take good care of yourself and wait for me, I will get to you shortly and we can talk more about getting Richard out of prison.”

“Thank you very much; I will do as you say.”

“Don’t worry everything will be alright, Richie will be back to you in no time.”


He ends the call sharply. He just hates talking to weaklings who can’t think of any better thing to do than to sob. He cried his last tears when he was 8 years, lost his conscience since he has 12 years old when he killed his parents in cold blood and ever since he has grown from misery to terror. Since his uncle came to his life when he was 6 years he had learnt a lot, he owes him a lot for making him who he is today, a fearless being.


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