The cost of being Iron Man and Batman

Just looking through these figures makes me stop dreaming about my future superhero dream. A great way to scarce kids and make them sit up is simply to show them the cost of being their favorite superheroes.

I stumbled upon this and it was too good to ignore. Enjoy all fans of Marvel and if you are wondering the cost of being me is simply the highest in the world $987,765,000,000,000 no comment, just believe.

Look at batman for example. I will let the images do the talking. Let examine the cost of being batman.


cost-of-batman-training cost-of-batman-vehiclesbatman costume2















Next is Marvel tech revolution Iron man. He is believed to be the richest and the most expensive Super hero ever.

being-iron-man-3-cost-pictures IM-1 IM-2 IM-3 iron_man_cost IRON-MAN-COST ironmancostexcerpt-580x358



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