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Blood, Blood and Blood

More and more blood flowing

The Earth’s polluted with blood

The land is full of blood


Land and sea protesting

Animals, plants a-dying

Diseases spread like bush-fire

Everywhere is deserted


The land is cursed

People go into hiding

Running for dear life

Crying for loved ones


The whole world panicking

Gunpowder in the air

Lifeless bodies on roads

Nobody moves freely


People are hungry

Children are dying

Peace has taken a-beating

There are scars everywhere


The sirens come blaring

Citizens scatter in all directions

Heartless beasts on the prowl

Naked lions from the jungle


Come to terrorize the people

Carry off male teens

To join war as soldiers

Too-young girls as ‘wives’


Those who refuse they torture

Rape and kill violently

What kind of world is this?

Wickedness a daily routine


They plunder food and money

Everything of value in the way

All in ‘fighting for country’

Who is fighting for who?


Is this what power is about?

Yet they call us ‘bloody civilians’

These blood-soaked hypocrites

Vampires in camouflage



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