What turns you on?

What turns you on?

Really what turns you on.

Sex. Money. Success. Writing. Cars. Houses

What motivates you?

Women. Men. Girls. Babies

What makes you click?

Friends. Enemies


If you are among the lucky ones currently in this universe reading this piece, I guess you too would be thinking the same thing I am thinking. What turns me on? Humans will always be humans, born of the flesh and loving the flesh, we love everything material but spiritual things we hate.

What turns me on? That question is not meant for me but you but I will give it a try and answer it and hopefully you will comment on what turns you on down here. The answer to the earlier question and the basics for this piece is I don’t know for sure, everything good sure turns me on.

I’m a sport lover but not really good at outdoor things. Love watching soccer but hardly playing the game because folks tell me I’m ‘terrifying’ player. I’m an introvert but a special kind of introvert, the one that can’t do anything right in the eyes of most folks. Can’t talk even if I can communicate with billions of my imaginary friends everyday. I feel proud to announce I alone have created millions of reality reams and universe, so why do I need folks?

So what turns you on? For me it’s my imagination. I will give out all I have for this imagination to keep going for with it I have everything.


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