Life in Numbers

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Life in numbers
1-The beginning of the world
The day your light starts glowing
The day to start afresh
And start from the scratch

2-Stay focus on re-building
You have no limits ahead
Only barriers and closed doors ahead
Look carefully, the key is in your hands.

3-You are in the midst of barriers
Trying to open the door
You have tried all the keys in your hands
Believe in yourself and try again.

4-The door is opened
Opportunities looms in every steps
Be careful evil hands are plotting
Your grim fall.

5-The harvest is bountiful
It too much for you and your family
Even though you all eat like gluttons
Yet still ambitious, you still move ahead.

6-You get ready to retire
You have enjoyed all of life’s benefits
Yet, you close the door and keep the key
So no one can enter the door of opportunities

You laugh and smile at your selfishness.

7-You are now retired
You forget something
That it was because of your believing
That the doors opened and not the key
Now many are entering through the door you locked
Yet, you are annoyed and not proud.


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