Dirty Oil

Dirty Oil
Who will dip his hands into it?
Hidden underneath bedrock
By our ancestral fathers
Whose wisdom remains unchallenged?
The local farmers refuse to touch it
Famine and Starvation are the end result
The fishermen refuse to touch it
Pollution and Hunger are the end result
Diviners say “The gods are angry with this generation
Who have committed so much impurities it has reached
The limits of endurance”
Who will then dip himself into it?
Since the gods have refused to do so.

The politicians came,
Power-holding freaks who fell from the sky
With a bang like asteroids
They touched the oil with open-gladness
As our people watched in dignified meekness
Astonished by our own stupidity
When they came out of it black and dirty
But richer than all the gold mines on earth

The people suffered but to no avail,
Youths toiled but no prosperity,
Men laboured but no relief,
Women gossiped but no change,
Children wept but found no comfort,
Animals cried but no freedom,
The land suffered but no reformation,
The land suffered but no modernisation.
Dirty oil triumphs


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