Keep Calm, Embrace it

Keep Calm, Embrace it
Morning comes and you feel a little bit downcast,
Defeated, insecure and deprived
Looking back to your past
Gallons of failures are piled up in your memory
Looking into the future
Even bigger failures awaits you
Facing the presents
The failures are insurmountable
Deep in the interior you want to succeed
But everything on the exterior says ‘Nay’
Then a soft voice in your conscience says
“All things are working for your good,
It’s intentional,
Never Failing”
Life is an endless piece of puzzle
Worry and undue stress won’t fix the puzzle
But only escalate it
Keep Calm, Embrace it
So pick up the jagged pieces and place it in the right spots
No matter how long,
The earlier you start the higher your chances of finishing
Keep Calm, Embrace it
All things are working for my good

****Inspired by the gospel hit song ‘Intentional by Travis Greene.’ Download it free today and get ready to be superbly motivated to greater heights.


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