Mama’s wrapper

Mama’s Wrapper
That precious gift
Although soft and at times worn-out
It is filled with flowers and love,
Possessing the powers of wrath and sweet memories
In the times of depression
its mama’s wrapper.

Night comes calling,
Mama is far away from me
Across seas and oceans
But her wrapper is near
Compressing me with her warmth and love
So that I can go to sleep
Forgetting all the days trials
And the uncertain future
Because mama is always with me
Through pains and sorrows
And because of her wrapper
Sweet tales I dream
Loneliness is now comprehendible

Sweet memories, blessed moments
I have with the wrapper
Even after Mama has left the earth
Fighting a good fight of faith
Her wrapper is still special and always be

Who will believe my tale?
Now I have a family
But of all this and all I inherited from Mama
Her wrapper is the most treasured
And it will always be.


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