Fake Friends

Fake Friends

Why do you mourn?

Why do you grieve?

Why do you even dream false illusions?

Why do I see that warm look in your eyes now?

Why do you even think of getting a favor done?

Do you remember me now

that you need something I can give you

Do you remember now

that you have been failed by your most trusted sources

Do you remember now

that you have in need of cash

Do I look like I owe the World Bank?

Do you remember now

you need a true companion

Do I look like your psychiatrist?

What about when I needed your help?

What did you do?

What about when I wanted to be your friend?

Remember friend you sent me on a journey

to the empty space, the stars my sympathizers

I hear you say you are sorry

You didn’t know I was hurt

Yea, right, so why are you troubling me?

You didn’t know I existed is more like it

So let keep it that way

I hear you plead

The sight makes me sick

All my regards for you have been extinguished

So why don’t you go to your real friends for help

You guys looked so indispensable

so why not ask them?

Shhhhhh don’t open that mouth and talk trash

I won’t even listen to

Don’t bother speaking

you can quietly walk out the door

like an Honorable fake friend would

I hear you curse the day you met me,

don’t bother cursing because it’s too late

I’ve already done the honors

I cursed the day we became friends

then you treated me like trash

but good news, I am not angry

I only see revenge

Goodbye fake friend

I pray life spares me your kind in the future.



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