Through the eye of the needle

A thick dark cloud is hovering over the sky,

Visibility a mere wishful though,

Darkness has plagued the whole place

like the plague of locust

Blonde lady saddled in the alley with her problems

seeking redemption, seeking reparation

through teary sight and blurry visions


The sweet tantalizing memories of yesteryears

when she had a family,

an over-achieving husband and three marvelous kids

all a women could ask for,

she lived in a palace,

she was treated like the queen she was,

travelled for the holidays with her family round the globe

no luxurious location was spared

expense was no worry

Money abounded in abundance

She was the envy of all

Her star was shinning brighter than ever

The nations were her possession

and the ends of the earth her deserved inheritance.


Driving home after the best day in her career,

a strange sensation filled her

she couldn’t understand but something was amiss

Then she heard the news,

all her joy washed away by the storm called life

Everything looked bleak

no future, no prospect

All was lost


Look through the eye of the needle,

Yes look beyond it


Dream again and conquer

Life only destroys you with your help

Fight back

She could hear herself say,

Through the eye of the needle.


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