In the absence of violence,

absence of a ready armed soldiers

absence of the zeal to fight war

lack of confidence on your ability to cause trouble

and get away with is


Unruffled like a dove,

Battered but unable to aspire for disorder

not because it doesn’t know how it

but because it can’t win the fight is


Submission in the act of injustice

Calm in the mist of uncertainty

Defiled yet willing to forgive

Misused yet yearning for more is


Receiving blows and yet not returning any

for a bigger blow of ignore is


Sacrificing your happiness in the view of giving happiness to a few

and finding satisfaction in it is


Listen to thrash and yet inaction

only to throw the whole time out in secret is


Peace is unlimited

it has no time span to end

Decide your own time

Peace is continuous

No limits



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