To live is to die

To see is to be blind

To hear is to be deaf

To walk is to walk without directions

To be rich is to understand the meaning of poverty

To be successful is to be a failure

To build a legacy is to destroy others

To hustle is to do what your father’s always did

All is Vanity

The sun rises as usual

All over the earth the sun claims dominance

only to give way for the silent moon to rule

Nothing is new under the sun

No new lessons learnt

Nature only abused in a safe manner

Yet we want to live in the awe of our generation

We want to live a notch higher than the previous generation

Yet we face the same problems,

Unemployment, Depression, Wars and Follies

Because we are only starting were the last started

All is Vanity

The lilies in the valley will always be more beautiful

than the prettiest girl in the world

The eagle will always sour higher than the airplanes

and in no need of diesel

Death will forever remain a phenomenon

No real explanation of what happens after

The lion will remain the King of the Jungle

Man will forever remain the slaves of nature





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