Diaper smells, putrid baby stinks

The innocent one laid to rest

The babysitter scorns with unease

Wishing to smell the rose again

The bright scenting rose of Africa.
Calamity strikes,

Baby innocent turns and twists

The hapless sitter moves to salvage the situation

Too late, damn too late!

Baby opens his eyes

Searches for mama

No mama in sight

Babysitter prays for luck

The baby squeals

Confusion everywhere

All efforts to no avail.
Feeding time!

Baby smiles excitedly, dirty tricks up his sleeves

Babysitter is happy, finally forming a chemistry with subject

The bottle sucked by the baby

Wicked laugh nearly choked him

Sitter corrects the situation

Gets his just reward of milk spills all over his new shirt

Frowns and curses

Could had spank the baby if not for that innocent babyface.
Mama comes back home

Sitter is relieved

Baby both excited and displeased

Behaves like a good champ to mama

Mama pays sitter,

Surely he deserves more than 20 bucks!!!


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