She howls like an owl

Panders like the panther

Pants like the deer

Tweets like the birds

All things are relative

Polar opposite or strictly opposite

The reward for works is sorrow

Sweaty hands long calloused

Fleshy muscles long expanded

No reprieve, only despair
All expenses paid,

Destruction is mutual

Creeping in like venom

Sucking in like AIDS

Deadly yet reproductive

Hurtful yet necessary

Houses are the first to go ablaze,

Markets and religious ground follows,

Business with solid and shaky foundations crippling in a day

Global warming heats up

Global mourning heats up
We sit in this hallowed zone

In the open country,

On the grassy hillside

Watching and grinning,

Solemn and sober faced,

Reveling and weeping at the evidence of mutual destruction.


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