Hardy: Chapter 7

After I finished dancing with the dance diva Vanessa, I felt my whole body ache and I pointed to the different joints of pain for her to see, she smiled and lead me to a nearby empty table, offering to massage some of the joints but I refused. After a protracted but mild argument, she finally gave in but not until we swapped phones did she recline fully.


Hardy: Chapter 6

I remember vividly my SS1 days when I managed to perform an eye watering coup by stealing Praiz girl Amara, the prettiest catch available. I felt so proud of my success till she inevitably discovered my game and Zaynab discoveredmy deceit Things went from bad to worse, I ended up a loser till Zaynab and I reconciled like we always did.

South-East Crisis

‘You must ascend to a higher moral ground’ By John Eche Former minister of education and one of the core drivers of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, Dr Oby Ezekwesili has taken exception to the approach of the federal government in resolving the issue of escalating calls for a referendum in the South… via Oby …

Thoughts of a nationalist (1)

  The sounds of the cymbals, Moorings of the prophets, Bitter hospitality of the hostess, Naira falls, Dollar rises Demons fall, Angels rise.   The cries of recession, Pangs of absolute poverty, Wealth flared in zealous alacrity, Prices up, standards down Aristocrats up, Peasants down.   The happiness of sorrow, Sweet choke of nemesis, Indescribable …