Hardy: Chapter 7

After I finished dancing with the dance diva Vanessa, I felt my whole body ache and I pointed to the different joints of pain for her to see, she smiled and lead me to a nearby empty table, offering to massage some of the joints but I refused. After a protracted but mild argument, she finally gave in but not until we swapped phones did she recline fully.


Hardy: Chapter 6

I remember vividly my SS1 days when I managed to perform an eye watering coup by stealing Praiz girl Amara, the prettiest catch available. I felt so proud of my success till she inevitably discovered my game and Zaynab discoveredmy deceit Things went from bad to worse, I ended up a loser till Zaynab and I reconciled like we always did.

Hardy Chapter 3

There were spooky things about cats and many mystical myths written on them. First, their always shinning crystal-white eyes that could see well at night makes them naturally the witch best companions, those eyes always held a terrifying nonverbal message shrouded in foggy mysteries which some have misinterpreted for child-like innocence.